Summer party 2022 at StrandPauli Hamburg

After two years without Christmas or summer parties, the time had finally come – this summer we were able to celebrate together again! It was a pleasure to see the whole team together again and to toast the last few years. Our summer party took place on a hot summer’s day in a beach club right on the water, and it almost felt like a little vacation.

The location was perfect, as the sand between our feet and the view of the water created a relaxed atmosphere. A delicious buffet and refreshing cocktails rounded off the day and made us forget the heat.

We really value the team spirit in our company and this celebration was a wonderful opportunity to strengthen it further. The joy and shared laughter that prevailed on this day underline the cohesion and solidarity of our team.

Special thanks go to our film team “Time of Motion”, with whom we often create our image films and company photos. Thanks to them, we have precious memories in the form of photos and a short video capturing the highlights of the evening. These memories will stay with us for a long time and remind us of this special day.

We are grateful for the opportunity to see our team again in a relaxed and festive setting, and we look forward to more celebrations and successful years together in the future!

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