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For effective protection and controlled access to properties and therefore also for the protection of individuals, valuables and your sensitive data, we offer integrated security concepts. These consist among other things of:

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Our company for security technology from Hamburg offers a versatile service, in order to always find the right solution for your company, your office or your object. Smoke alarms, voice alarm systems, video surveillance. Smoke alarms, voice alarm systems, video surveillance. Your security is important to us. Your security is important to us.

We at Elektro Hartmann GmbH are a Hamburg-based company for security technology and electrical engineering Hamburg and support you and your company in all topics related to security technology. In order to guarantee the highest possible level of security, we offer a full service. From comprehensive needs analysis to flawless planning and careful, on-time installation of your security systems.

To ensure that your company and the people who work there day after day are protected at all times, regular maintenance of the systems is essential. For example, fire and intrusion alarm systems must be checked several times a year by a certified specialist company. As a certified company, we can support you in this.

Security technology Hamburg

Many companies are still very poorly positioned when it comes to security. Many companies are still very poorly positioned when it comes to security. For most companies, it is no problem to walk through the entrance doors of some companies, enter the elevator and get practically into the office rooms. Therefore, the building itself must also be appropriately secured Compared to private customers, corporations usually have a more extensive requirement profile and higher demands on a professional security system. Therefore, the needs and requirements of your company are the focus and on the subject of building automation Hamburg we are your contact!

Accordingly, we provide you with customized security technology. You can trust that it is our claim that your investment in a network infrastructure will prove to be worthwhile and profitable. We have 9 Auto-CAD licenses at our disposal and are thus in a position to respond quickly to your wishes.

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