Customer Service

Flexible and experienced

At ELEKTRO HARTMANN, we continue to support our customers after the project has been completed. With us, your plant lives worry-free and long-lasting. Since we are the knowledge holders about the installed equipment after the project is completed, the service provided by our after-sales service is ideal and from one source.

  • Inspection, maintenance and repair
  • Individual contract design
  • Advice regarding the maintenance cycles
  • Light calculations
  • Standard-compliant performance of the legally required tests
  • Fault and on-call service for our maintenance customers
  • 24 hours service
  • Emergency service also on weekends and holidays
  • Small orders, extensions, measurements
  • E-Check tests
  • Creation of legally compliant documentation
Further information

The communication internally, between the previously responsible project and construction manager and our customer service, allows our customers to receive the most sustainable service.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the functionality of your equipment. This not only helps to maintain the value of the equipment, but also prevents expensive repair work.

Professional competence, friendly and customer-specific advice, adherence to deadlines, flexibility and consistently high quality are what set us apart. This means that our service is not finished after the actual installation. Our customer service team is flexible and adapts to the needs of our customers in every way. Whether on night duty, 24-hour service or holiday assignments. Our services begin where others have long since stopped.

Due to our detailed documentation and revision, it is possible for the customer service Hamburg to trace and safely maintain the systems even after many years.

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