EDGE Hafencity – New benchmark for office buildings of the future

Informationen zum Projekt
EDGE Hafencity
New office building
The EDGE HafenCity project is one of the most modern commercial properties in Hamburg. The project sets standards both in terms of design and with regard to the well-being of users and the progressiveness of the technology used for this purpose. When completed, the EDGE HafenCity will also be one of the most sustainable buildings. The client EDGE Technologies is the leading specialist for a new generation of highly innovative and particularly sustainable office properties. At the center of this approach are the user and his or her well-being. To this end, the total of more than 30,000 square meters is divided into a smart mix of office space, flexible workplaces, studios and conference areas, as well as catering and leisure areas. The goal is to reinvent the modern workplace – as a driver of health, sustainability and innovation. The building consists of a seven-story base building and a 15-story tower on the southwest corner. Inside the energy-neutral building, pioneering smart office technologies are installed to optimize lighting, air quality and temperature throughout. The HafenCity Econlabel and WELL Building Standard are two high-profile building standards being pursued.

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