Dr. Loges GmbH & Co.

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Dr. Loges GmbH & Co.
Production and warehouse building
Max Bögl Stiftung & Co. KG
The company Dr. Loges GmbH & Co. is planning to expand its capacities for the production of pharmaceuticals. With this investment, the construction of a second production and storage building in Winsen (Luhe) is intended. In the first construction phase, the commissioning and storage area will be relocated to the property in Porschestraße, and in the second construction phase, the production and laboratory area will be relocated. The planned property is located in direct connection to the Porschestraße and Benzstraße and is in the area of application of the development plan “Gewerbegebiet Luhdorf” (B- Plan Nr. 48b) with a GRZ of 0.8 and a building mass number of 6 as well as a deviating construction method. The plot has a total area of about 30,765m².

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