ÜBERLIN Tower in Berlin

Informationen zum Projekt
ÜBerlin Tower - Berlin
330 condominiums, rental flats, retail, hotel, office, practice space and multi-storey car park
CG Construction GmbH
The Steglitzer Kreisel is a true landmark and an integral part of the Berlin skyline. The tower is 120 metres high, making it the tallest existing residential building in the city. The CG Gruppe is comprehensively transforming the building: The Steglitzer Kreisel becomes the ÜBERLIN Tower. The facade is interpreted in a modern way with glass, steel and aluminium. In addition to the panorama windows, balconies will be installed and fitted with transparent balustrades. In the ÜBERLIN Tower, 330 condominiums with sizes ranging from 30 to 320 m² are being built. At the very top, lofts are planned over two floors. By the end of 2022, the condominiums will be ready and the new residents will be able to enjoy a view that is unrivalled in the capital.

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