SK1 – Strandkai

Informationen zum Projekt
SK1 –Strandkai
Development of construction sites Strandkai
DC Developments GmbH & Co. KG
The planning area with a size of approx. 14,500m² at the western tip of Strandkai, between Grasbrookhafen and the Elbstrom, is composed of three construction areas 55, 56 and 57. The plot is located on the street Am Strandkai. It borders directly on Grasbrookhafen harbor to the north, the Marco Polo Tower residential tower and the Unilever building to the east, and the Elbe River directly to the south and west. The site as well as the surrounding future promenade areas are located at a non-flood-protected level of approx. 4.75 to approx. 5.50 m above sea level. The building plot is located outside the main dike line. The mound and basement are located in the flood zone of the Elbe and must be protected accordingly by structural measures in the event of storm surges. PE Strandkai GmbH & Co. KG are constructing a building complex at Strandkai consisting of four high-rise structures, which are built on a common mound floor incl. Underground parking. The building complex will contain approximately 480 residential and commercial units. The ground floor and mound will house restaurant and commercial space. The underground car park is located in the basement or partly in the mound.

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