Katholisches Kinderkrankenhaus Wilhelmstift gGmbH

Informationen zum Projekt
Wilhelmstift / Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
New building for child and adolescent psychiatry
Implenia Hochbau GmbH
For the Wilhelmstift Catholic Children’s Hospital, Hochbau-Niederlassung Hamburg built a new child and adolescent psychiatric unit in Hamburg-Rahlstedt in direct connection to the existing building. This new building replaces the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry building located on the site, which is too small and no longer up to date. The new building concept followed the latest therapeutic findings and offers a comprehensive range of modern therapeutic options on 7,240 m² since May 2021. Space for six wards with associated therapy rooms and structured acute care area was created. The planning has already taken into account the possibility of adding an additional storey to the building.

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