Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology

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Hamburg-Harburg University of Technology
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The Technical University of Hamburg (short: TUHH, English: Hamburg University of Technology, until 2018 Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg) is a state university in Hamburg and one of the youngest technical universities in Germany. It was founded in 1978 and is located in the Hamburg-Harburg district. Nearly 100 professors teach the more than 7850 students in 42 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Acting president since February 1, 2018, is Hendrik Brinksma, vice presidents are Andreas Timm-Giel (research) and Kerstin Kuchta (teaching). The university is characterized above all by its unusual structure, as there is no subdivision into faculties, but a division into research foci, which enables closer cooperation between the various institutes.

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