Ecological and contemporary

At ELEKTRO HARTMANN, we work with the future in mind and offer our customers sustainable solutions. We want to support the mobility transition and the expansion of charging infrastructure in good time.

  • Elaboration of a suitable concept
  • Charging infrastructure
  • Integration into the building infrastructure on site
  • Combination with photovoltaic system and energy storage
  • Load and energy management
  • Service and maintenance of the facilities
Further information

Whether it’s in a housing development, a hotel parking lot or in front of an office building, charging infrastructure for electric cars is now indispensable, and the expansion of e-mobility infrastructure has never been more important. We offer consulting services and install this charging infrastructure for our customers. We ensure that electric cars can charge everywhere and quickly.

Each of our projects is individual and has specific requirements regarding the installation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Our experts advise our customers and put their wishes into practice. We provide consulting, planning, realization and service of the completed project.

Further competences
Security Technology
Data Technology
Fast and future-oriented
Detailed and qualitative
Customer Service
Flexible and experienced
Media Technology
Powerful and advanced
Building Automation
Smart and convenient
Energy Efficiency
Innovative and sustainable
Electrical Engineering
Qualitative and Reliable