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In today’s world, it is hard to imagine a building without structured cabling. We create complete solutions for complex IT networks, communication systems, voice and telephone systems, advising our customers according to current standards.

  • Network Infrastructure Solutions
  • Installation of passive networks
  • Data center installation
  • LWL Fiber to The Desk
  • Documentation with the most modern measuring devices and equipment
  • Cabling systems
  • Metrology
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From planning to the installation of a high-performance infrastructure, we support our customers in the smooth transmission of data, images and voice. We fulfill the wishes of our customers to design highly complex, smart buildings and manufacture individual systems.

Highly complex computer and data centers are among our references and are hobbyhorses for our specialists. We undertake the new installation, but also the expansion or modernization of data networks. After the project has been completed, our customer service will continue to provide maintenance, ensuring that your communication media can be used without any problems.

Data technology from Hamburg

In today’s information technology era, data volumes are increasing and faster data networks are needed. Our everyday life is determined by modern technology. The basis of all technical innovations is the Internet and, at the same time, a reliable data connection. No office, no business, no city functions without a reliable network. Whether it’s a printer, telephone, fax or PC, without optimal network infrastructure solutions, none of it will work the way you want or need it to.

This is where data technology comes into play. Data technology deals with the creation of IT landscapes. This includes network components and high-quality data cables to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

To customize and expand your network, you need structured cabling from a professional who knows data engineering well. This infrastructure is based on a standardized superstructure plan. Here it is important to rely on professionalism, because incorrect installation can quickly become very expensive, because they are often difficult to locate.

Copper or fiber optic cables are generally used for structured cabling. It is always important to use the highest quality cable currently available. Of course, we check the function of the copper and fiber optic data cables laid by us with our certified as well as calibrated devices and create a measurement report for your records.
If something should not work, we can carry out fault analyses with modern measuring equipment in order to be able to solve any problems quickly.

The network infrastructures of companies are usually much more complex than those of private customers. Therefore, the requirements profile here is much more extensive and requirements that can only be met by an expert in data technology, such as Hartmann Elektro GmbH. You can trust that it is our claim that your investment in a network infrastructure will prove to be worthwhile and profitable, because we are not only the experts for data technology, but also for security technology Hamburg.

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