Accessible electrical installation Hamburg

Electrical installation Hamburg

Accessibility is the basis for people of all ages to live as independently as possible without outside help, even with physical impairments or in old age. In Germany alone, at least 2.9 million new barrier-free flats will be needed by 2030, as estimated in a recent study. Die Studie sagt zudem aus, dass bereits heute rund 2 Millionen barrierefreie und altersgerechte Wohneinheiten fehlen. In order to counteract this circumstance, it is above all necessary to plan and erect a forward-looking electrical installation.

When a barrier-free electrical installation in Hamburg is networked into the building technology, a multitude of new possibilities open up that mean a great relief in everyday life for physically impaired people. However, the barrier-free electrical installation offers great advantages not only for people with impairments, young families also benefit from the handling of this accessibility

For property owners, too, the barrier-free electrical installation represents a worthwhile investment for the future. The numerous assistance systems, modern technologies and services will already be part of the standard of contemporary living in a few years.

If the building technology is networked, a multitude of auxiliary functions open up. The following are some technical options that are possible with barrier-free electrical installation:

Barrier-free lighting

In addition to a sufficient number of sockets, the arrangement of switches is also important for barrier-free living: if the light switches are positioned at a height of 85 cm above the floor, wheelchair users can usually reach them without difficulty. The same applies to sockets: a height of 40 cm above the floor should not be exceeded. Switches that have a strikingly coloured frame or orientation light are particularly easy for people with impairments to find. However, the most practical are automated motion detectors that eliminate the need to grope for the light switch. Especially in the bathroom and hallway motion detectors can protect against possible trip hazards.

Here, preference should be given to lighting solutions that support the natural biorhythms of the occupants and are consequently based on natural daylight. During the day, a cool white light (>5000 K) serves to improve concentration and activity, while in the evening a warm white light (<3300 K) can ideally prepare for the sleep phase. The installation of dimmers can also be quite useful in this context. Thus, depending on the living space should also choose a different illuminance. A good overview is provided by the applicable guideline VDI/VDE 6008-3.

Protection systems for hearing loss

For people with physical impairments, special warning and safety systems are of great importance. In the case of impaired hearing, for example, visual warning systems can prevent the worst in the event of danger. For example, there are special smoke alarms that emit bright flashes of light in addition to a loud warning tone.

Here it is also possible to network the warning detectors of the different rooms via radio. It is also conceivable to automatically connect the smoke alarm to an emergency call system. In this way, not only the residents are protected, but also the property itself.

The doorbell can also be supplemented with light and vibration for people with hearing impairments. As a rule, circuit distributors with sufficient spare places allow retrofitting of the building system technology. Burglary protection should also be considered here, as barrier-free ground-floor apartments in particular often represent a particularly attractive target for burglars.

Modern door with intercom

A door with an intercom system provides greater security and convenience for residents – the best option here is a video function and hands-free units. It is recommended that the modern communication equipment be installed in every room. This shortens walking distances for residents, which provides additional everyday safety. However, note that an intercom system may be aligned at a maximum height of 85cm.

Electric windows and shutters

Windows and shutters that open and close at a set time or at the touch of a button can be a huge relief in everyday life. Automatically controlled windows also take care of ventilation for residents, saving both time and energy. Therefore, it is recommended to install one window opener drive per room.

Sanitary rooms

Ventilation switches should be distinguishable from light switches with a unique identifier. In bathrooms and showers, it is strongly recommended to install emergency call systems that can be reached from any location. For example, an emergency call button should be located on the side of the toilet as well as additionally on the shower seat. It is also recommended to install an emergency switch with the help of a pull cord, which can also be reached from the ground.

Panic switch

The installation of a panic switch is also conceivable. With the help of a special switch can turn on the lights and activate the shutters throughout the house. This feature can provide an additional sense of security for residents.


A proper electrical installation Hamburg is crucial for barrier-free living and enables elderly as well as physically impaired people to live independently through small everyday aids. However, the technical possibilities can initially cause discomfort, especially among older people. It is therefore important that the technical solutions are communicated to the older residents with a lot of patience and understanding, so that they also recognize and use the advantages of the electrical installation.

However, the smart home not only offers advantages for physically impaired groups of people; young families also benefit from the additional comfort when heating, smoke detectors, stereo systems and shutters can be easily operated electronically. One thing is certain: As our population continues to age, it is even more important that today’s homes are designed to be barrier-free and easily accessible. In this way, people can be enabled to live a self-determined life for as long as possible!