We network the
Present with the future
We network the present with the future

With our professionally competent team, we have the capacity to implement large-volume projects quickly and efficiently. In doing so, we plan and work in a solution-oriented manner and offer the customer the possibilities to pursue his vision.

For complex and demanding tasks, our specialists always find the right solution with the help of many years of experience and technical expertise.

We think in terms of the future and offer our employees a wide range of training and development courses, which ensure that we can use the latest and most efficient technologies. In this way, we are helping to make buildings smarter and more sustainable.

Our core competencies

ELEKTRO HARTMANN Anlagen- und Service GmbH offers its customers a wide range of services.

From expert planning, installation, to maintenance, Elektro Hartmann’s team works with the highest quality and innovation. Elektro Hartmann always finds the right solution for plant engineering in the areas of heavy and weak current, as well as data and communication technology.

Our team is able to face any technical challenge with its knowledge and experience.

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Grandhotel "The Fontenay

With “The Fontenay”, a real city resort has been created in the heart of Hamburg, directly on the waterfront. It is rare to find such a special location for a visionary hotel project in Germany today. […]

LP12 Mall Of Berlin

The LP12 Mall of Berlin, also known as Leipziger Platz Quartiert, is a shopping center in the Berlin district of Mitte in the district of the same name […]

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Electrical engineering Hamburg
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We at Elektro Hartmann are well known in the Hamburg, Berlin and surrounding areas for professional electrical installations, maintenance and service for plant technology, as well as data technology Hamburg & security technology Hamburg.

With us, you get planning, execution, monitoring and maintenance of your plant from a single source. Careful factory and assembly planning form the basis of our work.

We offer a wide range of high quality and technically complex electrotechnical services. No matter how large the order, our expert engineers, foremen, planners and business people know exactly what needs to be done and work in a systematic way to get the job done quickly. Even for particularly complex tasks, our experts always find the right solution at short notice!

Things to know about electrical engineering Hamburg

Electrical engineering is a scientific discipline that deals with the engineering applications of electricity and its physical concomitants. Electrical engineering is concerned with the conversion of primary forms of energy into electrical energy, its transmission and distribution, and the conversion of electrical energy primarily into mechanical and thermal energy, as well as with the transmission, switching and processing of messages and information.

What is the difference between electrical engineering and electronics?

Electrical engineering can be divided into five main areas:

  • The generation of electric current (conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy).
  • The distribution of electrical energy (line networks, switchgear, transformers),
  • The conversion of electric current into light, heat and mechanical energy
  • The measurement of electrical quantities by electrical measuring instruments,
  • The communications and high-frequency engineering.

Electronics, on the other hand, have developed so rapidly over the last 100 years that it is difficult to categorize them. For example, there is the

  • News and information electronics,
  • The power electronics (control of large power in the power supply),
  • Optoelectronics (light as a tool for information processing),
  • Medical electronics (control of biological processes, therapy),
  • The measurement electronics
  • The microelectronics

All in all, however, it can be stated that electronics is a branch of electrical engineering in which active components such as transistors are used.